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NBN Is Coming to Malua Bay

NBN Is Coming to Malua Bay
Pre-Order NBN with a Local Malua Bay Business

Link - Telstra and COVID-19: what you need to know By Telstra News

The evolving situation around COVID-19 (Coronavirus) means we want to keep you updated as quickly as possible on impacts to our business, and new policies for our people and customers.

That’s why we’ll be posting new updates relating to COVID-19 here when they’re available.

Need Help Setting Up Your Staff to Work From Home?

We have just taken delivery of a good supply of IP Phones, USB Headsets, 4G Modems and Managed Routers in preparation for enabling our client's staff to work from home. If you need assistance getting ready, give us a call.

Working Remotely and COVID-19

With the spread of COVID-19, quarantine measures are being implemented, meaning that many are being asked to work from home. Dan Services team are ready and able to assist, we can provide solutions to enable your team to work from home.

[Ongoing] Inbound Voice Congestion Issues

URL Networks - We are noticing some inbound congestion issues with both Optus and Vodafone trunks, the issue is currently being investigated as high priority and we will provide an update as soon as we can.

URL Networks Provider Update Re: COVID-19

With the World Health Organisation advisory now officially deeming the COVID-19 viral outbreak a pandemic, Australia seems poised to implement similar shut-down and quarantine measures to those which have proven effective at stymieing the spread of this infection overseas.

RESOLVED - Land Line - Inbound Call Issue

URL Networks (and many other Carriers) are experiencing an Inbound Calls Issue this morning.

The issue is being investigated.

Optus Mobile Outage - Batemans Bay and Surrounding Region

There is currently an outage of the Optus Mobile network in the Batemans Bay and surrounding region. Unfortunately, it is not yet known exactly what areas/suburbs are affected. Teams from Optus are onsite and actively trying to resolve the issue.

Expand WiFi Coverage for Residence

The team from Dan Services were asked if we could improve the WiFi coverage for the Observation Deck for a recently built residence near the beach.

Optus Mobile Tower Update - Malua Bay / East Lynne

Optus was onsite at the Malua Bay Surf Club today answering peoples questions and providing support.

We had the pleasure of meeting Matt Connell, Territory General Manager Southern NSW and his team.

The Optus Green Shoots Grants program for small business

Optus - We’re proud to support the regrowth of areas affected by the bushfires with our telecommunications grants for small businesses.

Major Optus Mobile Tower outage around Tomakin, Boulee

Major Optus Mobile Tower outage around Tomakin, Boulee at the moment. Telstra seems to be okay at the moment...

Remote Site Office Phone with Loud Ringer

We have been hard at work on a project to deliver a phone to a remote site office on a client's building site.

Getting Businesses Connected

With power finally restored to the area, the businesses in Malua Bay were trying to restore normal trade. Unfortunately, communications were still offline.

Temporary 4G Connectivity

We are thinking outside of the box. With no connectivity for more than 10 days, and none expected any time soon we needed a solution.

Surf Beach Mobile Network Update - Optus

Good news for Surf Beach - Optus have their contractors hard at work commissioning at Cell on Wheels (CoW) at Surf Beach.

Malua Bay Telstra Mobile Network Update

Good news Malua Bay Telstra mobile tower is up and running. You should have your normal coverage and speeds on the Telstra network.

Malua Bay Telstra Mobile Network Update

The team from Telstra have been hard at work trying to get the Malua Bay mobile tower back online.

Malua Bay Fixed Line Services Update

Through the hard work of the teams at both NBN Australia and Telstra, fixed line (copper) services have been mostly restored in Malua Bay since the bush fires

Malua Bay Telstra Mobile Network Update

This afternoon I spoke with Chris Taylor, Regional General Manager for Southern NSW, Telstra about the mobile phone network at Malua Bay