Getting Businesses Connected

  • Jan 25, 2020

With power finally restored to the area, the businesses in Malua Bay were trying to restore normal trade. Unfortunately, communications were still offline.

Working closely together with Lachlan Ceeney from NBN, we were able to get businesses connected and back to business as usual.

Using a satellite uplink to the NBN Skymuster satellite we were able to get an Internet connection.

Now we only needed a constant source of power for the NBN vehicle and a way to get the Internet connection to the businesses.

Thanks to South Coast Property Specialists, Dan Services' team installed an outdoor power point to provide mains power to the NBN vehicle.

We then installed several wireless access points and routers to bring the Internet connection into the businesses networks.

During this time, fixed line services (copper phone lines and ADSL) and NBN Fixed Wireless were offline. Both the Telstra and Optus mobile networks were also severly degraded and not able to provide a stable connection.