Malua Bay Fixed Line Services Update

Malua Bay Fixed Line Services Update

Through the hard work of the teams at both NBN Australia and Telstra, fixed line (copper) services have been mostly restored in Malua Bay since the bush fires.

As far as we have been advised, all of the exchanges and cabinets supplying copper services (phone lines, ADSL and in those areas with active NBN FTTC and FTTN) are back online and operational again.

We have been advised that there are still customer offline. For the majority of customers that are still offline, this will be due to damaged cabling between the cabinet and the customer's premises.

The NBN and Telstra teams are still hard at work trying to bring the remaining services online.

If your copper services are still offline, you need to report a fault to your provider so that your service can be identified as needing repair.

Once you have reported the fault to your provider, feel free to contact me with your information and I can do my best to escalate business and vulnerable residential services to the appropriate teams.