Optus Mobile Outage - Batemans Bay and Surrounding Region

  • Feb 24, 2020

12:10 PM 24/02/2020

There is currently an outage of the Optus Mobile network in the Batemans Bay and surrounding region (as of around 1 AM Sunday 23rd of February). Unfortunately, it is not yet known exactly what areas/suburbs are affected. Teams from Optus are onsite and actively trying to resolve the issue.

You will notice that you currently have NO Optus mobile reception in Batemans Bay at the moment and also, the Optus Store in Batemans Bay is also unable to receive calls.

Some of the main infrastructure that supplys a connection to the towers is currently offline and Optus is working hard to get it back online as soon as they can.

It is my personal opinion that it is unlikely to be back online today.

For those in the Malua Bay area, the Satelite Cell on Wheels (Sat CoW) is still online due to it's satelite uplink. That means if you are in the Malua Bay or surrounding area and you need Optus mobile reception - down near the Malua Bay Surf Club is where to go!

Will keep you updated.