Working Remotely and COVID-19

  • Mar 16, 2020

With the spread of COVID-19, quarantine measures are being implemented, meaning that many are being asked to work from home. Dan Services' team are ready and able to assist, we can provide solutions to enable your team to work from home.


Voice (Phone) Systems

Allow your staff working from home to receive incoming calls to your office as if they were at work

Current Customers - Cloud Hosted PBX

If you are currently running one of our phone systems (URL Networks - Cloud Hosted PBX) working from home couldn't be simpler - all you need is Internet access at home.

You simply need to take home your current desk phone (and a power supply), plug the network cable into your home network and you should be good to go!

If you need extra handsets or power supplies we have plenty in-stock. Just let us know and we can get them to you.

New Customers

Through our partnership with URL Networks, we are able to quickly get telecommunications services online with the flexibility required to allow staff to work from home.

The Cloud Hosted PBX system by URL Networks allows extensions to be added at any time, and from anywhere. Call routing is also able to be implemented any time, from anywhere.

We can divert your existing services (and it doesn't matter which carrier you are with) to the Cloud Hosted PBX system and get you online within a matter of minutes.

There are a number of options when it comes to handsets, with both physical desk phone handsets and softphone clients (for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone) available.

In short - all your staff need to work from home is a working Internet connection and an IP desk phone, PC or smart phone.

IP Desk Handsets

For the best experience desk handsets are the premium choice for your staff to answer calls. Coupled with a headset, staff are able to work hands-free while reducing neck strain.

We currently have stock of IP Desk Handsets and they are available now for $380.00 + installation.

Add a corded Headset for $75.00. 


URL Networks offers a softphone solution that can flexibly integrate with your current physical handset office solution. URL's application will work on Windows & Mac as well as Android and iOS devices. Once installed, this will allow your staff to answer any customer enquiries seamlessly from wherever they are currently located whilst utilising an internet data connection.

A once off licence fee applies per extension of $15.00.

Pair this with a corded Headset and staff are able to work hands-free while reducing neck strain from holding a hand piece while taking calls.

We currently have stock of USB Corded Headsets and they are available now for $75.00.

Support > URL Net Phone - Softphone Application - Quick User Guide

Internet Access

With today's technology your staff can easily work from home if they have access to the Internet

NBN Internet Connection

If you have some time to get organised and NBN are still completing installations, an NBN connection is your best option. With lower latency, less network fluctuations and larger data allowances, generally, an NBN Internet connection is the best option for your staff working remotely.

We have NBN modems and Managed Routers in-stock and ready to go. Managed routers are available from $175.00 + installation.

If you need to organise a connection, call us ASAP, let us handle the process for you and work to get your staff connected as soon as possible.

4G Internet Connection

As long as you have 4G mobile reception - a 4G Internet connection is quick and easy to deploy.

If your staff don't currently have an Internet connection at home and you need one now - 4G is your best option.

We have 4G modems and SIM cards in-stock and ready to go to get your staff online today. 4G modems are available from $225.00 + installation, and are not locked to any carrier.

A 4G Internet connection can be used to connect your IP office phone to receive calls from the office and to gain remote access to your work PC.

If you need to organise a connection FAST, call us ASAP, and we can work to get your staff connected TODAY.

Access Your Work PC from Home

When working from home, if your staff can log into their work PC, they are able to work as if they were in the office

Access Your Work PC from Home

With our Managed Router, we can setup secure remote access so that your staff are able to dial in from their home PC and work as if they were in the office on their Work PC.

All your staff need is a working PC and an Internet Connection.

If you need to give your staff access, give us a call and we can set this up remotely.

Remote PC Support

When working from home, staff still need IT support for their systems

Remote PC Support

In the normal day-to-day of doing business your staff need IT support.

When your staff are working from home, they still need support. The same remote support software that we normally use to support your work PCs can also be used to support your staff on their home PCs.

If you need remote support for your staff, give us a call and we can dial in and provide the support they need.