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Remote Support

Remote Support Link - Click So Our Team Can Remotely Access Your PC to Support You

Submit Call Quality Report

If you are having call quality issues with your service, please use the following form to report the issue for our team to invesitgate for you

URL Net Phone - Softphone Application

URL Networks Softphone application can be installed on your Windows or Mac PC, Android or iOS Smart Phone to allow you to make and recieve calls from your Office Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System.

MikroTik Settings

Settings for MikroTik routers

Grandstream ATA Settings

VoIP Settings for Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)

Telstra Wholesale NBN Disconnection Dates

List of disconnection dates for suburbs and areas.

Aussie Broadband nbn POI Checker

Lookup nbn POI information for an address using Aussie Broadband's page

Faxing over IP networks

FAXing over VoIP networks doesn't work. You can sometimes arrange things so a fairly high percentage of FAXes get through OK. You can occassionally create setups that work 100% of the time. These are rare and unrepeatable setups. You need to use a proper FAX over IP protocol, such as T.38, to achieve consistent reliable FAXing across IP networks.

Microsoft Teams

Easy step by step training videos on how to learn about Microsoft Teams

MikroTik VLAN Configuration 2020

Configuration guide on setting up VLANs on MikroTik routers (using Atheros switch chips) - July 2020.

MikroTik CAPsMAN Configuration

Working CAPsMAN configuration as of 19/11/2020

Renew UniFi Controller Certificate

Steps required to renew SSL certificate for UniFi Controller on Linux

Allow RoMON on UniFi Switches

By default, Ubiquiti UniFi switches block the MikroTik RoMON service. This can be overridden, but is not persistent after a reboot of the switch.

Outlook Client - Shared Mailbox - Unable to Send From

If using the Outlook Windows client and cannot send email as a shared mailbox. Switch off Cached Exchange mode. This will force Outlook to use the GAL permissions for send as instead of (likely) out of date cached local permissions.