Grandstream ATA Settings

VoIP Settings for Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs)

Yealink T54W Auto Provision Settings

Server Expires: 180
Server Retry Counts: 20
Codecs: G729, PCMA, PCMU, G722
Keep Alive Interval: 30
Subscription Period: 1800
Voicemail: *101
Session Expires: 1800
PTime (ms): 20
SIP Registration Retry Timer: 30
ACD Subscribe Period: 3600

HT814 Config - FAX


Make sure to contact URL Networks and have server set up on OLD Sydney for Fax to work.
Make sure to set number in URL Networks Dashboard to T.38 Enabled.

Basic Settings

IPv4 Address: dynamically assigned via DHCP
DHCP hostname: HT814

NAT/DHCP Server Information & Configuration:
Reply to ICMP on WAN port: Yes

Advanced Settings

Enable SNMP: Yes
SNMP Version: Version 1
SNMPv1/v2c Community: public
System Ring Cadence: c=2000/4000;

Dial Tone: f1=400@-12,f2=425@-12,c=0/0;
Ringback Tone: f1=440@-19,f2=480@-19,c=2000/4000;
Busy Tone: f1=480@-24,f2=620@-24,c=500/500;
Reorder Tone: f1=425@-12,f2=425@-22,c=375/375-375/375;
Confirmation Tone: f1=350@-11,f2=440@-11,c=100/100-100/100-100/100;
Call Waiting Tone: f1=440@-13,c=300/300-300/10000;
Prompt Tone: f1=350@-17,f2=440@-17,c=0/0;

Alternative Config

Dial Tone: f1=425@-11,f2=0@-11,c=0/0;
Ringback Tone: f1=440@-17,f2=480@-17,c=2000/4000;
Busy Tone: f1=425@-11,f2=0@-11,c=37/37;
Reorder Tone: f1=425@-11,f2=0@-11,c=37/37;
Confirmation Tone: f1=350@-11,f2=440@-11,c=100/100-100/100-100/100;
Call Waiting Tone: f1=440@-13,c=300/10000;
Prompt Tone: f1=350@-17,f2=440@-17,c=0/0;

Profile 1

Primary SIP Server:
SIP Registration: Yes
Unregister On Reboot: Yes
Outgoing Call without Registration: No
Register Expiration: 3
Enable SIP OPTIONS/NOTIFY Keep Alive: Notify
SIP OPTIONS/NOTIFY Keep Alive Interval: 30
Use Random SIP Port: Yes
Use Random RTP Port: Yes
Disable Call-Waiting: Yes
Disable Call-Waiting Caller ID: Yes
Disable Call-Waiting Tone: Yes
Use First Matching Vocoder in 200OK SDP: Yes
Preferred Vocoder (in listed order): PCMA, PCMU, PCMA (x6 times)
iLBC Frame Size: 20ms
Symmetric RTP: No
Fax Mode: T.38
Re-INVITE After Fax Tone Detected: Enabled
Jitter Buffer Type: Adaptive
Jitter Buffer Length: High
SLIC Setting: Australia
Gain: TX -12dB TX 0dB
Disable Line Echo Canceller (LEC): Yes
Disable Network Echo Suppressor: Yes

FXS Ports

SIP User ID: (Extension No)
Authenticate ID: (Extension No)
Password: (Password)
Name: (Extension No)
Enable Port: Yes

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