Need Help Setting Up Your Staff to Work From Home?

  • Mar 18, 2020

We have just taken delivery of a good supply of IP Phones, USB Headsets, 4G Modems and Managed Routers in preparation for enabling our client's staff to work from home. If you need assistance getting ready, give us a call.

IP Phones

These fully featured IP Phones when integrated with URL Networks Cloud Hosted PBX will work anywhere in the world - they just need an Internet connection!

These can be deployed as your office phone system, and if needed, staff can take these home while being able to answer incoming calls to your business.

Priced from $380.00 + installation.

USB Headsets

Avoid neck strain and increase productivity, while spending long periods of time on the phone with a USB wired headset.

Headsets can be plugged into our IP Phones for the optimal hands-free functionality or even plugged into a notebook or home PC to be used with URL Net Phone - a voice application that once installed, gives the full functionality of URL Networks Cloud Hosted PBX.

Priced from $75.00.

4G Modems

Need Internet access in a hurry? Can't wait for an NBN installation or NBN not available in your area?

A 4G modem can be used to provide Internet access so that your staff can work from home - all that is needed is mobile phone reception with either Telstra or Optus at the location (and 4G to be functioning on the carriers tower).

Priced from $225.00 + installation.

Managed Routers

Need your staff to access their work PC or network from home? Need your Internet connection to auto-failover to a backup 4G connection when NBN goes down? Need this all to be taken care off for you?

Our Managed Router is what you need. Functionality includes giving your staff a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your office network from anywhere, while automatically switching your Internet connection over to a backup 4G link when the NBN goes down (and back again). Our team looks after everything for you, while providing remote support and configuration changes.

Priced from $175.00 + installation and on-going monthly support plan.