Remote Site Office Phone with Loud Ringer

Remote Site Office Phone with Loud Ringer

We have been hard at work on a project to deliver a phone to a remote site office on a client's building site.

The system needed to be able to be relocated to future building projects for the client - so being modular and easy to re-install was important.

The building site was in a remote location with minimal mobile phone reception - so a high-gain antenna to supply connectivity was important.

The building site is a nosiy environment - so being able to hear and see the phone rining was important.

We have used a durable enclosure to house the main components of the system, including a 4G LTE Router, 5-port Gigabit Network Switch and 2-port Analogue Telephone Adapter. The external cables are easily disconnected/reconnected for relocation. The mounting layout of the components along with the clear perspex lid make checking the status indications a simple task. The system has room for expansion and it is a simple task to include additional handsets and/or loud ringer units. The client also has the option to connect their notebook to the system for Internet access.

To connect the desk phone to the system, a long patch cable will be supplied to connect to one of the external ports on the main unit. The external loud ringer will be housed in a seperate durable enclosure on the outside of the site office and will be connected to the main unit with a long 2-pair patch cable. The high-gain external antenna will be securely mounted onto the roof of the site office to give the best possible signal and will be connected to the main unit with a long coax patch cable.


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